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TN-20021 Cadet Contract

Disenrollment Procedures are as follows:

  • The SASI must be allowed to disenroll an AFJROTC cadet at any time during the academic year with proper cause.
  • Disenrollment from the AFJROTC program is IAW AFJROTCI 36-2010. Disenrollment is a last resort and must be preceded by documentation and corrective counseling.  However, it is necessary in some cases, in order to maintain the morale and discipline of the unit.Instructors must work together with the cadets, their parents, unit cadet leaders, school counselors and administrators to resolve these issues.  However, when these efforts are unsuccessful, the SASI must be allowed to remove the cadet from the AFJROTC program.
  • A maximum of three weeks is sufficient time to complete this entire administrative process.  The cadet either chooses to comply as required or is removed from AFJROTC.
  • These students can be placed wherever the school administration sees fit, but it is the HQ AFJROTC position that these students must be removed from the AFJROTC class and disenrolled.  Cadets may be disenrolled from AFJROTC based on any other conduct related reason deemed appropriate by the AFJROTC SASI or the principal.

TN-20021 Air Force JROTC Disenrollment Three Strikes and You're "Out" Policy:

1st Offense: Cadet receives verbal counseling, Cadet Disenrollment Warning Notice for Non-Compliance Notification sent to Parent, must be signed by cadet, by parent and returned to SASI or ASI.

2nd Offense: Cadet receives written Letter of Counseling, Letter of Counseling is sent to the Principal, Cadet Disenrollment Warning Notice for Non-Compliance Notification sent to Parent, must be signed by the cadet, by parent and returned to SASI or ASI.

3rd Offense: Cadet is referred to the school Principal with a recommendation of 3 days In-School Suspension. Cadet Disenrollment Warning Notice for Non-Compliance Notification sent to Parent must be signed by the cadet, by parent and returned to SASI or ASI.

4th Offense: Disenrollment for the TN-20021 Air Force Junior ROTC Program

TN-20021 Air Force JROTC Program Disenrollment Offenses:

A cadet may be dis-enrolled for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to maintain acceptable program standards of academic achievement, personal conduct and personal appearance – to include weekly uniform wear and proper grooming standards at all times.
  • Inaptitude or indifference to AFJROTC training during the school year.
  • Failure to maintain personal appearance and uniform standards after three attempts within the school year by an instructor.Disciplinary reasons based on inappropriate or unacceptable behavior and/or conduct (such as total disrespect for unit instructors, other faculty/staff members or Springfield HS administrators or cadet officers, cadet NCOs or cadet Airmen).
  • Failure to abide by the Springfield High School Student Code of Conduct, classroom rules and procedures, maintain self-control and frequently disrupting the class.
  • Undesirable character traits such as; bullying, hazing, cheating, lying, unwanted sexual advances, constant Display of Public Affection, use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Skin permanently marked with disqualifying tattoos (above the collarbone or gang-related)
  • Found guilty of Harassment, Intimidation, Sexual Assault, Hazing or Bullying by any appropriate school administrative official or civilian court.
  • Parental request – requires a parent/cadet conference and a written parental statement, stating why there is a request to be removed from the program.The SASI is the final disenrollment authority for all AFJROTC cadets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The AFJROTC program is a strictly voluntary program and by signing this contract you are signing to agree to complete one year of AFJROTC and AFJROTC program compliance. If a cadet is removed for the program, they will not receive semester credit for the course. Failure of students to maintain the standards outlined above will result in removal from the program.

Please feel free to contact staff if you have any questions


DALE M. LIGHTFOOT, Major, USAF (Ret)Senior Aerospace Science Instructor




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